1851 US Postage Stamps

1861 5¢ - #67

5¢ - Buff
175,000 - Perf. 12 -  Scott #67 - 1861


Used: $160-$300
No postmark with gum (MH): $4,500-$5,250
Full perfect gum, no postmark, no trace of stamp hinge mark (MNH): Does not exist

5¢ - Brown yellow
Perf. 12 -  Scott #67a - 1861

5¢ - Olive yellow
Perf. 12 -  Scott #67b - 1861


Issued: May 6th, 1861, earliest known of use 19th August 1861. This according to Brookman, this stamp must be lost to history as I find no other reference in Philatelic magazine prior to the publication of the book.

Earliest known cover 21st August 1861

Plate Size: Sheets of 200 subjects (2 panes of 100).

Printer: National Bank Note Company, using the flat plate process.

Designer: James Macdonough

Watermark: None

Quantity Issued: 175,000

PLATE #: 17

Color: Buff, brown yellow or olive yellow, the latter being marginally more valuable than the others, but a lot more scarce.

OF INTEREST: These shades were changed to darker shades (# 75 onwards) because they were considered too light to see the design. They were heavily used as a make up stamp and one sometimes will see multiples of three, becuase prior to the 15c Lincoln stamp there was no stamp to pay the 15c rate to France (per the 1857 US-France Convention) and the German states. More common as the use as the foriegn open mail rate. An address to the UK via a British contract steamer rate for open mail was 5c (3c US + 2c ship fee).

67a cover
Horizontal strip of three, on to Paris, France,
paying the standard 15c mail rate to France.

Guide to Identifying #67


The stamps in the top row are Scott #'s 67, 67a and 67b

The first three stamps in the second row are shades of #75
The last stamp in the bottom row is #76

The Inspiration for the Design

Thomas Jefferson Stamp

Thomas Jefferson 1796-1886
painted by Asher Brown Durand 1796-1886
based on the Mather Brown Portrait

Painted for a Christmas card, using Mather's portrait that currently hangs in Monticello

asher brown durand

Asher Brown Durand

The Essay's and Proofs

Die I Essay on Proof Paper
Black only

Die II Essay on Proof Paper

Die II Essay on Proof Paper

Die II Essay on Green Bond (1903)

Die I Essay on Proof Paper
Printed through a mat

Die I Essay on laid paper (1881)

Die I Essay on old proof paper
Pencil design in corners

Die II Essay on brown toned paper

Die II Essay on old proof paper

Die II Essay on ivory paper

Die II Essay on old proof paper
Additional circle drawn in each corner

Die II Essay on proof paper (1903)
Printed through a mat

Die II Essay on Bond (1903)
Two line Scalloped wmk

Premiere Gravure
Die Essay on India
Bottom example has been removed from card

Small Die Essay on White Wove

Small Die Essay on pale cream soft wove

Premiere Gravure

73-E5c essay
Plate Essay on Yellow Wove

73-E5d essay
Plate Essay on Yellow Laid

73-E5g essay
Plate Essay on Pink Laid

73-E5h essay
Plate Essay on Pale Yellow Wove


1851 US Postage Stamps