10¢ Jefferson
(read how to identify your stamp below)

You have the 10¢ Jefferson from the years 1870-1882. It is common. To value the stamp you have to first look for a what is called 'A Secret Mark' and look for an embossed pattern, called a grill, on the reverse of the stamp. An example is shown below.

If the stamp has a grill embossed into the stamp (an example is shown below), then click here.

If the stamp has no grill embossed into the stamp (an example of this is shown below) then it becomes quite tough to identify the stamp, althought the difference in value is small.

The stamp has a secret mark which often, but not always, appears on numbers 182-191 and 205-209. It always appears on numbers 156-166. The secret mark is a tiny semi-circle at the end of the top scroll on the right of the stamp. Without the secret mark you will find the stamp by clicking here.

Showing semi-circle

Without semi-circle

Example of a grill

This stamp was reprinted in 1875 and it can be viewed by clicking on the numbers 167-177. These are all accounted for, so you will not own this.