15¢ Webster
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You have the 15¢ Daniel Webster from the years 1870-1879.
It is the commonest of the higher value large banknotes.

If the stamp has an embossed grill (an example is shown below), then click here.

Example of a grill

If the stamp does not have a grill embossed on it (an example of a grill is shown above) and it has a
date on the cancel after February 4th 1879 then click here, otherwise click here.

There is a debate as to if this stamp actually had a secret mark. Scotts refers to one,
however I defer to the opinion of James Dire, he has an erudite article on the subject

This stamp was reprinted in 1875 and it can be viewed by clicking here.
These are all accounted for, and will be accompanied by a certificate