1916-1917 5¢ Color Error Washington
(read how to identify your stamp below)

This is the 5¢ Washington that was printed accidentaly in the red of the 2¢ value. It is a rare stamp. It comes in three forms. Perforation 10, which can be found by clicking here , perforation 11 which can be found by clicking here or with no perforations, shown above right (imperforate) which can be found by clicking here


Count the perforations along the bottom, its as simple as that!

All one cent stamps perforated on all four sides with Ben Franklins portrait on them, are perf 12. Take one of these and place it against the side of a five cent stamp. If the perforations match the 5¢ stamp has 12 perforations. If they don't match, as illustrated below, than the 5¢ stamp is either an 8 ½ or 10 perforation stamp.

10 Perforation 5¢ example

8 ½ Perforation 5¢ example