The 2¢ Electric Light Golden Jubilee Issue
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You have the 2¢ Electric Light Golden Jubilee issue from the year 1929. It is a somewhat common stamp. It comes in three varieties, one without perforation on the top and bottom, the other two with perforations on all sides. Discerning the difference on the latter requires a little work.

To determine the difference the two varieties of the 15¢ Statue of Liberty one needs to look at the perforations. You will need a copy of the very common 1932 3¢ Washington (#720). A picture of which is shown below. Follow the instructions below

The values of #654 and #655 can be found by clicking here.

There is another way of determining the difference between #654 and #655, that is to look at the type of printing. #655 was printed using the Rotary Press Printing which makes the stamp wider and taller than #654 which was printed using the Flat Plate Printing method. An illustration of the degree of difference between the two printings is shown below;